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For all you non-fashionistas who finally decided to catch up the latest style, here’s the story behind one of today’s hip bags, the hobo handbag.

As you all know, a hobo is a homeless wanderer, sometimes a drunk,with a particular habit of hopping into freight trains for a free ride. Its image became a firm icon in the American culture since the GreatDepression when the population of hobos increased to a record highdue to obvious reasons. They are typically described carrying a stick with a bundle tied to one of its ends. The cloth, securing what little belongings the hobo possessed, is slung over the shoulder hence, the soft and slouchy curve of a hobo handbag.

The fashion industry eventually tapped into this icon and introduced the hobo handbag. This bag is an adequately large bag secured by a zipperat the top. Its fabric is soft and somewhat flexible which causes it to slouch when laid on its own. The hobo handbag is designed with a long strap to be comfortably worn over the shoulder. It has also morphed into various shapes and sizes like a simple crescent shape made small. Naturally, a change in material has occurred where in the world favorite leather is now eagerly made into a hobo handbag. While most enjoy leather, some opt for the casual denim hobo, or even the elaborately decorated versions.

Hobo handbags are no longer for the hobos. With an open mind and a creative eye, the hobo handbag has been seen in a new light. Top designers have placed the bag among their highly coveted collections, lavishly
elevating the bag from light and simple to chic and elegant even suited for formal occasions. Much in the likes of Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Coach, Gucci, Christian Dior, Kate Spade, Marc Jacobs, Prada, Burberry and even more. The hobo handbag is a now an icon in world of high fashion. Its evolution is glamorous.

But perhaps there’s more to its iconic past than meets the eye, a lowly cloth bag rising to fame and glory. Where is the hobo that slung the piece of shabby old cloth to a branch? Has his train-hopping ended? Perhaps not, perhaps it’s only halfway down its road. The hobo bag has  traveled so far and changed so much that one can hardly recognize the history it once lived. Perhaps the hobo that once carried it, no longer wanders. And as the hobo bag evolves, the hobo must have already changed its shape.